ArticleBisous: A First Time Kiss.

Bisous: A First Time Kiss.

I have always been a sucker for love stories. I remember as a preteen I’d watch and rewatch coming of age movies on Disney Channel because there was always a cute guy who would not realize he was in love with the main girl until they kissed. As an adult, not much has changed. Rom coms are my definite go to, I am always down for an “impossible” love story.

My favorite part in these movies was always the first kiss. Kissing someone for the first time is always a rollercoaster: something you never forget. In a movie, I always liked the first kiss best. Even when all the drama was left for the last kiss at the end.

The first time the characters kiss is a moment that always gave me chills. “Bisous” is definitely about a first kiss. The way he holds her neck so she doesn’t go away too soon. The way she holds his hair so he stays as long as possible. Their urgency and longing for each other clearly visible.

I really hope this one gives you chills like it did me.

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